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Archive for February 2013

A Holistic Approach to Your Prenatal Care

By Guest Blogger, Webster Certified Prenatal & Family Chiropractor and WellPregnancy trained, CAPPA childbirth educator Dr. Jessica L. Caruso Many of my patients ask “Is it safe for me to continue chiropractic care during my pregnancy?” The answer is a resounding “YES!” In fact, not only is it safe; but chiropractic care is highly recommended…

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Why the Science of Birth Doesn’t Matter

I recently got to hear Joel Salatin speak. For those who don’t know, Joel is a farmer and an advocate of the right of American consumers to purchase raw dairy, meat, eggs, and vegetables from small, local farmers. He says that if our Founding Fathers could have imagined that this right would ever be taken…

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A Better Doula Training?

For the first time weather has forced me to cancel a labor doula training. Doulas go out in the snow, but with a forecasted New England blizzard on the way, it seemed like the only responsible action to take. It got me thinking about tongue and cheek conversations I have had with other doulas about…

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