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Archive for March 2016

Cervical Exams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

“Is this something I have to do?” my childbirth students frequently ask me about cervical exams. The short answer is no. Especially in teaching hospitals, women are often examined in labor frequently, without even knowing why. The most important question to ask when considering an exam, like any other test, is “What will we do…

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Lower Your Postpartum Stress

Ask for what you need. This is often difficult for new parents, but if friends and family offer to help, ask them for specific favors. Do you need someone to vacuum, pick up items at the grocery store, or fold laundry? Can a different person bring you dinner for a week or two? Tell visitors…

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Will Your Baby Be Born By Scheduled Cesarean? Prepare Now!

While vaginal birth is the safest way to birth for most mothers and babies, there are medical reasons why some babies are born by scheduled cesarean. If your baby will be born by cesarean, here are some things to consider. Learn more about gentle cesareans, also called family centered cesareans. Watch this video with Dr. Camann…

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10 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Doula

This week I’m celebrating World Doula Week and sharing suggestions I give doulas at my trainings. Find your niche. No one can be all things to all people. What families are you best at serving? Do you have a passion for working with single or teen moms, moms who are VBACing or working with a…

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Doulas! 8 Compelling Reasons to Become a Childbirth Educator:

You’re already doing informal childbirth education in person, and by phone, text, email, and Facebook message. Offer formal classes and you’ll get paid to spend more in person time prenatally, getting to know your clients, and less time answering questions piecemeal. You’ll know your clients are receiving top quality childbirth education. Being able to offer…

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Postpartum Doulas: Making a Difference One Family at a Time

In traditional cultures around the world, new mothers observe a lying in period for weeks after they give birth. During this time they rest and recover from birth, nurse their babies, and eat nutritious foods. The community comes together to cook and clean for them, care for their other children, take over whatever daily tasks…

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