WellPregnancy breastfeeding workshops for professionals will help you support and educate the families you work with by updating and deepening your knowledge about lactation.

Breastfeeding for Perinatal Professionals

Join us to review how doulas, educators and other perinatal professionals can support breastfeeding, how birth impacts breastfeeding, how breastfeeding is the architect of the airway, microbiome, immune system, and intimate relationships, what breastfeeding looks like in the early days, and more.

Breastfeeding Basics is the prerequisite for Continuing Breastfeeding, more information on that class can be found below.

All are welcome to attend. Come deepen and update your knowledge about lactation. This meets the requirements for a breastfeeding workshop for DONA doula certification.


Topics Include:

* Breastfeeding as the physiological norm: how breastfeeding is the architect of the human immune system, airway, microbiome, and intimate relationships
* How birth impacts breastfeeding: the effects of ivs, pitocin, epidurals, vacuum delivery, cesarean birth, glucose testing, and early separation
* Demand and supply: how the body knows how much milk to make, and what about galactagogues
* The early days: the importance of nursing early and often and what life with a new baby looks like
* Newborn behavior: how to know when a baby is hungry, satisfied, and getting enough to eat
* The mechanics of latch: what an effective latch looks and feels like
* Beyond cross-cradle to laid back, koala, and more: mother-led and baby-led positions
* Milk removal and storage: pumping, hand expression, and storage guidelines
* The alphabet soup of lactation supporters: when an IBCLC is needed
* Tips and tricks: how you can support and promote breastfeeding as a doula, educator, or other perinatal professional

Tuition is $75. Space is limited.

Looking for more? Take the Continuing Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals workshop with Julie (scroll down for more information).

Join us for Breastfeeding Basics for Birth Professionals in Bedford, Massachusetts on Wednesday Oct. 16 10 AM-1 PM.

What participants are saying about this workshop:

"I found it very helpful and inspiring. I loved how up to date Julie was on current research and learning what has changed since I was a nursing mom only 6 years ago."

"As a new doula, I found Julie's course to be both comprehensive and empowering. Taking her class gave me the confidence and I needed to support mothers in their first breastfeeding experiences. Her evidence based approach was exactly what I needed to proceed with my childbirth doula certification. I have now successfully supported breastfeeding families with a variety of birth outcomes including natural, operative, and cesarean births."

"Thank you for a really informative workshop! Julie was amazingly knowledgeable and helpful."

Continuing Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals

Open only to those who have taken Breastfeeding Basics, this is an opportunity to dive deeper into lactation. Content can be participant driven, so come with your questions. We can explore breastfeeding issues you're seeing with the families you serve.

Topics include:

* How you can help get breastfeeding off to the best start, starting prenatally when possible
* What it looks like when breastfeeding is going well in the early, critical period
* Low production: risk factors and remedies
* Over production and over-active milk ejection reflex
* Plugged ducts and mastitis
* The quick fix: nipple shields, pacifiers, and bottles
* Supplemental feeding methods
* Donor milk
* Anything you'd like to investigate further with lactation: come with your questions and case studies

Tuition is $75. Space is limited.

Join us for Continuing Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals in Bedford, Massachusetts on April 14.

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