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becoming a childbirth educator

Why I Became a Childbirth Educator by Ann Tohill

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2009, I signed up for Childbirth Education classes. I had done so much reading and watched so many births and documentaries and as prepared as felt I could be, I was also still really fearful of the labor and birthing process. When it was time, I attended…

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Doulas! 8 Compelling Reasons to Become a Childbirth Educator:

You’re already doing informal childbirth education in person, and by phone, text, email, and Facebook message. Offer formal classes and you’ll get paid to spend more in person time prenatally, getting to know your clients, and less time answering questions piecemeal. You’ll know your clients are receiving top quality childbirth education. Being able to offer…

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Top Ten Reasons to Take a WellPregnancy Training

1. You will be able to turn your passion for birth into skills that will support perinatal families. 2. You will be ready to work for positive change one motherbaby at a time. 3. You will be giving yourself the gift of a new career. 4. You will be working with Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD…

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Becoming a Childbirth Educator FAQ

Why should I take a WellPregnancy training? When you train with me you have both the advantages of an international organization (CAPPA is the largest childbirth educator organization in the world) and my personal experience as a childbirth educator here in New England for twenty years. During a twenty-four hour childbirth educator training, we have…

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