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becoming a doula

10 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Doula

This week I’m celebrating World Doula Week and sharing suggestions I give doulas at my trainings. Find your niche. No one can be all things to all people. What families are you best at serving? Do you have a passion for working with single or teen moms, moms who are VBACing or working with a…

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Top Ten Reasons to Take a WellPregnancy Training

1. You will be able to turn your passion for birth into skills that will support perinatal families. 2. You will be ready to work for positive change one motherbaby at a time. 3. You will be giving yourself the gift of a new career. 4. You will be working with Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD…

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Outside the Elevator (What I Really Do)

By Guest Blogger, WellPregnancy-trained labor doula and childbirth educator Jenny Everett King, CCCE “So, um . . .What do you do?” It’s okay. Doulas are more accustomed to this question than you probably realize. No one wants to say, “Soooo, you don’t catch the baby. You don’t give any meds. You don’t use monitors. Ah,…

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