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Why You Can’t Spoil Your New Baby

Your newborn’s wants and needs are the same. Later she may want a smart phone or a pony, and you’ll have to decide if that’s reasonable, but for now, if you can figure out what she wants you always get to give it to her. Your baby’s behavior will make more sense if you think…

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Lower Your Postpartum Stress

Ask for what you need. This is often difficult for new parents, but if friends and family offer to help, ask them for specific favors. Do you need someone to vacuum, pick up items at the grocery store, or fold laundry? Can a different person bring you dinner for a week or two? Tell visitors…

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Postpartum Doulas–The Other White Meat

With all the prenatal focus pregnant women put on labor and birth, postpartum planning is often eclipsed. I think many times pregnant women can’t imagine what life on “the other side” will be like, so in some ways they can’t begin to plan for it. Hiring a postpartum doula is a great way to prepare…

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Pregnant? 5 Steps To Do Now To Make Postpartum Easier

Fill your freezer with meals. You will be so happy about this later. Double meals you cook and freeze half. (Hint: lasagna can be frozen prior to or after baking.) Ask the guests coming to your baby shower to bring along a freezer-ready meal. Get a copy of Frozen Assets and spend a day cooking…

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